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Helping you Make Sustainable Choices

HeathBrook are experts at helping customers make the best sustainable choices when it comes to workwear. To help you we have compiled some great guides.

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A Catalogue of Sustainable
Workwear Ideas

Sustainable Inspiration

We show you style ideas and credentials from some of the top workwear manufacturers, that not only incorporate the latest technology and sustainabile materials into their garments but have been carefully chosen by us because they also demonstrate their commitment as a company to doing the right thing.

For you free inspiration guide, simply provide us with your details and download.

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Helping Ops, HR & Procurement

There is always a concern that when it come to making sustainable choices costs tend to go up. In our simple guide we explore cost savings you can make by sharing examples. 

Plus, we look specifically how sustainable workwear helps procurement, health and safety managers as well as sustainability professionals within your organisation.

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Heathbrook sustainability

We can help

We can help you navigate the minefield of choices and decisions you are able to make around sustainable workwear. 

We can provide assurances of best practices, and come up with a plan that enables you to control costs and phase in sustainable workwear in a way that best suits your business needs. It all starts with understanding your requirements:

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