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  • The latest technology in workwear
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    The latest technology in workwear

    We take a look at some of the latest technology in workwear.
The latest technology in workwear

Keeping an eye on technology

Fabric design is evolving all the time to meet comfort needs, the practicalities of different roles and changing risks in the workplace. At HeathBrook, we work with major garment manufacturers to offer our customers the latest innovations in PPE and workwear. But, we also think it is important to keep an eye on up and coming innovations that look likely to revolutionise the future of uniforms. Let’s look at the latest technology in workwear.

Smart garments to track fitness image

Smart garments to track fitness

Garments that collect the sort of fitness data previously only available to smartwatch wearers undoubtedly have the potential to gain greater traction. It is already possible to collect medical and fitness data via new smart garment technology and this will become more widespread as the time progresses. The same technology that powers smartwatch data collection has already been combined into a variety of garments, such as t-shirts, bras and shirts. The stretch fabric features ECG, physical activity and respiratory sensors for data collection. Once the data is recorded, it is then sent to the cloud for analysis.

Energy-harvesting yarns image

Energy-harvesting yarns

A core issue with currently available garment-related technology is the charging of in-built devices, and that’s what laboratory research teams at Georgia Tech in the US are working to solve. The team has invented a new energy-harvesting yarn, which could soon be woven into a variety of washable fabrics. The yarn works by using the static that builds between two different fabrics. Samsung has already taken out a patent on electronic devices and operating methods for wearables. Their submitted design features energy-harvesting units built into the back of smart shirts.

What innovations are currently out there?

What innovations are currently out there?

It may be a while before these material innovations are fully tested and available on the open market, but we believe garment technology is something we all need to keep an eye out for.

In the meantime, some of the latest technology in workwear has already hit the uniform market, whether it’s targeting sustainability or disease control. These include the stylish and durable EarthPro® Avocet jacket, which is crafted from post-consumer recycled plastic found in seas, rivers, and landfills.

In 2021, the clothing manufacture Stuncroft added to its stylish Everyone Club Class Collection, AV. Tex an anti-virus coating to prevent the spread of disease. When coronavirus particles come into contact with this coating, they degrade within two hours – helping to stop the spread.

The latest technology in workwear

Ask us about more innovation

This is just a snapshot of how the latest technology in workwear is revolutionising the industry. From smart garments that track fitness to energy-harvesting yarns, developers are crafting the materials of the future to keep people safe and comfortable. If you’d like to explore some of the innovative workwear options already available at HeathBrook please get in touch.