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    Sustainable Corporate Wear

    Smart Corporate Wear that is sustainable in every respect. Carbon Neutral UK manufacturer, made from recycled plastic bottle.
Sustainable Corporate Wear

Corporate Wear From Recycled Bottles

Many businesses strive to find ways to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, such as recycling paper and cutting back on electricity costs, but workwear can also play a role in our environmental footprint.



When it comes to style in corporate wear you immediately think of Clubclass, so that makes it even more satisfying to know the extent to which the suits you wear are environmentally friendly. In fact, 95% of the Clubclass Collections use recycled polyester.

Here are some of the numbers:

1 mens suit prevents 45 plastic bottles reaching the landfill or our oceans.

A team of 15 wearing Clubclass suits prevents 675 plastic bottles reaching the landfill or our oceans.

the Stuncroft warehouse holds 150,000 suits, 95% of Clubclass collections use recycled polyester so that’s 6,412,500 plastic bottles.

The process entails sourcing bottles, followed by washing and cleaning the bottles before crushing them into flakes. Once the flakes are melted, they are used to make fibres. And finally, the fibres are turned into fabric.

Buying local image

Buying local

Clubclass Collections are made in the UK with a focus on quality, fabric, style and fit. In fact they are the only Corporate Tailoring Supplier in the UK that owns a factory and have full time garment technicians living and working where they produce the clothing. It is good to know that not only is your carbon footprint being reduced by the garments you purchase, but that you are buying stylish clothing from a local, carbon neutral supplier. Download their PDF for more details.


Sustainable Corporate Wear

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At HeathBrook we place great importance in offering you sustainable choices. From head to toe we can offer you choices that can help you engage your staff around sustainability and meet your own CSR responsibilities. To see what we can offer and who we work visit our CSR page.