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  • Selling in a new uniform policy
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    Selling in a new uniform policy

    Get your employees on board with a new uniform policy by involving them in the decision-making process as much as possible.
Selling in a new uniform policy

A persuasive strategy

Staff uniforms are powerful branding tools and although a new uniform policy might be the right move towards improving your professional presentation, your staff may be reluctant to try out the new look. If you’re introducing uniforms for the first time or suggesting some changes, you may need to come up with a persuasive strategy to get everyone on board. Here are some tips:

Explain the benefits

The first thing is to put forward to your team the importance of wearing uniforms. Let them know that a lot of thought went into making the decision. Explain to them how they stand to benefit from the policy, and how it can positively impact the company. You may be dealing with employees who don’t like change and others who hate the idea of uniforms, so you’ll have to address why uniforms can be such a good thing.

Involve employees in the transition

An excellent way to ensure that your staff members feel comfortable with the new changes is to involve them in the decision-making process.

Give as many representatives as possible the chance to express their opinions and suggestions on the new outfits. You might get some interesting ideas on style, colours, comfort, and practicality that you never thought of.

As part of the HeathBrook Workwear Service, we do a uniform audit and employee workshops that tease out employee views and give us clear direction. This is often gained through observation of some of the garment requirements, from a practical perspective.

Enforce a consistent uniform policy

A new uniform policy will fail if it’s not consistently administered and followed. Employees will lose commitment to the policy if they have reason to believe that compliance is not essential. You must prioritise enforcing the policy without any discrimination or exceptions. An important consideration here is also inclusivity – a good uniform policy considers the diversity of the work environment and good uniform suppliers have ranges that take into account religion, maternity and gender considerations.

For help on how to write a good uniform policy see our blog, we are also happy to provide additional guidance.

Selling in a new uniform policy