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  • Choosing the right colour for a uniform
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    Choosing the right colour for a uniform

    Corporate uniforms don’t have to be bland. Use colour as an optimum way to express your brand’s identity.
Choosing the right colour for a uniform

Did you know

Colour is a key factor when selecting a work uniform. Understanding the significance of colours is essential for creating a successful uniform that employees feel comfortable wearing and that customers recognise. Colour isn’t simply a practical decision; it has a psychological impact too. Colour can be used to make a uniform stand out, to reflect the organisation’s brand or to convey certain values. It’s important to consider what message is being communicated through the colours chosen, so read on to find out more.


Functional colours

Coloured uniforms can help mask dirt or provide high visibility in certain manual roles. However, they can also convey hierarchy such as by having managers wear one colour or trim and assistants wear another. This is an easy way for colleagues and customers to identify staff roles. This is particularly the case in an emergency when colourful uniforms can make it easier to find first aiders, fire marshals and security personnel. There can also be a sense of prestige and belonging that comes from sharing a uniform colour with your colleagues, creating a sense of belonging, ownership and accountability within a team.

Colour for branding

A key component of any strong brand is determining your company colours, which should feature in your logo, marketing materials and even your uniforms. Colour can help companies align with a certain industry but also stand out from competitors. Consider the use of colour by Virgin, Emirates Airlines and McDonald’s amongst others. In fact, research from the University of Maryland suggests that colour can increase brand recognition by over 80%. Choose corporate wear that represents your brand colours and you’ll convey consistency and professionalism.

Colour psychology

Colours have a psychological impact and can influence the values you convey. Light blue suggests reliability and trust – a popular choice for healthcare professionals and banking companies. Dark blue is practical and often chosen by engineers, representing responsibility. Yellow suggests positivity and joy and is often used by fast-food brands, while black is associated with professionalism and sophistication. Red grabs attention and is linked to vibrancy and positivity, while green denotes empathy and environmental awareness. For businesses wanting to stand out, orange conveys creativity and energy, while purple symbolises luxury. Finally, white’s associations with purity make it a popular choice in industries like beauty therapy.

Colours to think carefully about

Just as colours can be a powerful tool to evoke emotion, they can work against you when used thoughtlessly. In the healthcare industry, black would bring negative connotations of uncleanliness and even death. Blue is a corporate colour that may convey distance and coldness in more casual industries such as children’s entertainment but professionalism in a corporate service environment. Yellow can be seen as eccentric and irrational, suggesting unprofessionalism if used in banking or finance. Combining colours can counteract negative connotations, while still fitting with brand and industry perceptions. For example, a combination of red and dark blue suggests a more balanced, professional image than red alone. If you do this, try to avoid two bright tones together, as this will limit the visibility of branding and cause colour clashes.

Choosing the right colour for a uniform

Final considerations

Consider your company values, brand colours and how you intend to use coloured uniforms to convey information about a job role when selecting your company uniforms. You can use complementary colours, as well as contrasting lighter and darker colours to create the perfect impression and convey roles to customers. If you need help understanding how to get the right uniform for your team  contact us today to see how we can help.