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  • 4 Tips to Help Employees Maintain Their Uniforms
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    4 Tips to Help Employees Maintain Their Uniforms

    Follow these 4 simple tips to ensure your employees always look their best in their uniforms.
4 Tips to Help Employees Maintain Their Uniforms

Why is is important to help employees maintain their uniforms.

Maintaining a professional appearance through uniforms is crucial not only for customer and colleague trust but also for safety in many industries. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992) underlines the importance of well-maintained protective clothing.

Here are four practical tips to assist employees in keeping their uniforms in top condition.


1. Encourage regular cleaning habits

Regular laundering is vital for removing dirt and keeping uniforms fresh, especially for those wearing garments such as hi-vis or safety wear, which may need more frequent cleaning. Communicate the benefits of a pre-planned washing schedule and consider providing an on-site laundry service. Ensuring staff have sufficient uniforms to last between washes will help set cleanliness standards and reduce wear and tear.

2. Inform employees about cleaning instructions

Understanding and following the care instructions sewn into their uniforms is crucial. For instance, cotton uniforms may be hand or machine washed but should only be air-dried, while wool should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned but never machine washed. Encourage employees to separate whites and colours to prevent discolouration. For more information on understanding washing symbols see this guide. When selecting uniforms, opt for materials that are durable and easy to maintain – this is something HeathBrook specialise in providing.

3. Offer presentation tips aligned with uniform policy

3. Offer presentation tips aligned with uniform policy

Adherence to a company’s uniform policy enhances professional appearance. For corporate workwear like blouses, shirts, pressed trousers, and blazers, employees might need to iron or starch their outfits accordingly. Inform them about the specific care for different materials, such as avoiding starch on sports jerseys and silk. Guidelines on shoe polishing and accessory use like scarves or pocket squares should also be clear.

4. Advise on proper uniform storage

Proper storage after laundering can preserve the condition of uniforms. Instruct employees to store their uniforms in a clean, dry environment free from strong odours or humidity to avoid potential damage. Offering suit bags for those on leave or travelling can be beneficial.

4 Tips to Help Employees Maintain Their Uniforms

In summary

Implementing these tips could significantly impact how your company is represented, ensuring professionalism at every level. For quality materials and more advice, contact us at HeathBrook today to find the perfect workwear solutions for your team.